Knighton Hosking paintings

Knighton Hosking

Born in 1944 in Devon, Knighton Hosking was educated at Exeter College of Art and Design and finished his formal training at the London Central School of Art and Design in 1966. It was in this year that he won the Peter Stuyvesant Award and took part in Bryan Robertson’s hugely influential ‘New Generation’ shows of the 1960s. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, Hosking has been working steadily ever since, progressing from large self-referential abstract largely monochromatic paintings towards a more sophisticated and personalised, semi-representational format.

Hosking’s work has developed through a constant questioning of the nature and relevance of painting. Using the rural landscape around him as his source material, through the Devonshire countryside of his youth and more recently that which surrounds his Midlands home, he has arrived at a kind of abstracted topographical language. The resulting work can be said to combine and balance poetic intuition with straightforward ideas.

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